WinWASI 5.0

  • Calcit saturation according to DIN 38404-10 (2012)
  • Evaluation of corrosion probability  according to DIN 12502
  • Evaluation of the concrete aggressiveness according to DIN 4030
  • Computation for mixing of waters and evaluation according to W 216
  • Dimensioning of Treatment Processes

WinWASI 5.0 executes all computations for the equilibrium of Calcite - Carbonic Acid in accordance with DIN 38404 - 10 (2012). All relevant complexation reactions between Ca2+, Mg2+, OH-, SO42-, HCO3- , CO32-, H2PO4-, HPO42- und PO43- are considered.

WinWASI 5.0 runs under Windows XP/7/8/10 with EXCEL 5.0 or higher. It can be installed on workstation or in the network. The data input and the output of the results take place under EXCEL. Beside the "Look and Feel" thereby the complete functionality of EXCEL is available.

The work with WinWASI 5.0 is as far as possible self-explanating. The output format can be adapted according to the user specific requirements. The moreover an automatic exchange of data with existing data bases is possible.

The additional module LIMSWASI 1.0 serves as interface to Lims systems and allows data exchange in XML-format.

WinWASI 5.0 works bilingual (German/English). The language can be switched during the work with WinWASI 5.0.

WinWASI 5.0 thereby provides as the alone program on the market a unique solution for computations of individual waters up to complex multi-level processing routes. With the data input of a individual water all further computations are possible. This saves not only considerably time, but guarantees also error free computations and a complete documentation of the accomplished computation steps.

An extensive on-line assistance with a multiplicity of cross references provides for all questions and problems the relevant solution.

The advantages

  • Full functionality of EXCEL
  • Implemented validation data set from DIN 38404-10XML interface for LIMS
  • Easy to work with
  • Bilingual with online language switch between German and English
  • Network ability
  • Import and export of data over OLE and usual data base tying up
  • Delivery of all results for further computations
  • Free formatting according to user requirements
  • Diagrams
  • Extensive on-line assistance
  • Data import from WinWASI 4.0

WinWASI is a product of BIESER UND PARTNER.  There is no legal relationship with the company WASY GmbH. wasy icon

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