Deacidification and Hardness Removal

Physical Deacidification

Stripper columns for deacidification and aeration can be dimensioned with the stripper program module. The stripper program module in WinWASI 5.0 calculates according to the NTU model. As treatment target you can choose among SI(Calcite), pH-value, efficiency and Calcite Dissolution Capacity. With further input data for pressure, maximum surface load, maximum column height, number of columns and air/water ration you get a complete dimensioning of the stripper column.


WinWASI 5.0 enables you to make dimensionings of Decarbonization Processes for Fast and Slow Decarbonization. The dimensioning can be made for preset treatment targets of Total Hardness, Carbonate Hardness or Calcium Content after the treatment. Optionally WinWASI 5.0 can adjust the SI(Calcite) by adding carbon dioxide.

In case of Slow Decarbonization iron and polyelectrolyte can be added for improving of the flossulation process.WinWASI 5.0 provides you automatically with a complete set of dimensioning data for the process.

In case of of Fast Decarbonization you can select the dimensioning parameters from an extensible data base and WinWASI 5.0 provides you with a full set of dimensioning data for the reactor size and geometry.

Marble and Dolomite Filtration

In WinWASI 5.0 two different kinetic approaches can be used for the dimensioning of marble filters. The marble filtration program module optionally calculates according to the experimentally-determined kinetic ratios of SPINDLER or BALDAUF. Additionally the dimensioning according to DVGW-Worksheet W 214-2 (2009) is displayed.

The calculation of the dimensioning data and the required quantity of filter material is based on nominal flow, treatment target with regard to SI(Calcite), Calcite Dissolution Capacity or pH-value to be achieved in the effluent. The type of filter material is selected from a pull down menue. Maximum and minimum height of filter bed and maximum surface load can be preset. Beside the dimensioning data WinWASI 5.0 will provide you as well with the consumption figures of filter material and the cycle for refilling of filter materialt.

The dimensioning of dolomite filters is made as described above for marble filters. WinWASI 5.0 uses the kinetic approaches of WIEGLEB.Additionally the dimensioning according to DVGW-Worksheet W 214-2 (2009) is displayed.


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