Membrane Technologies and Evaporation

Reverse Osmosis and NanofiltrationWith WinWASI 5.0 you can dimension membrane plants for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration and calculate the flows of permeate and retentate with the expected water compositions. For dimensioning permeate yield and feed or alternatively permeat flow can be preset.

You may chose either to dimension manual or automatically. In case of automatical dimensioning WinWASI 5.0 determines the optimal plant configuration with regard to number of pressure vessels and modules per vessel. In case of manual dimensioning you can enter the number of pressure vessels and modules per vessel.

For feed conditioning you can also select between automatical or manual feed conditioning. For feed conditioning dosing of sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid or cation ion exchange can be selected. In case of dosage of sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid either the pH in the feed or the saturation index for calcite in the retentate can be slected. In case of cation ion exchange the remaining total hardness in the feed can be selected.


WinWASI 5.0 enables you to calculate the change of water composition and equilibrium values during evaporation with specified evaporation and evaluation temperature. You can either let the program calculate an evaporation course by specifying the end value and step size of the evaporation rate or by specifying only the end value of the evaporation rate for which a calculation should be made.

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