Product Description

Calculations with WinWasi 5.0

WinWASI 5.0 is a program for the execution of water chemical calculations with regard to relevant quality parameters. It is fully compliant to all requirements for calculation programs set forth in DIN 38404 -C 10 (2012).

Besides mixing water calculations and calculations for evaluation of the corrosion behavior calculations for the change of the water composition by a variety of additives and treatment processes can be performed quick and easily as well.

The output format of the results of the calculation can be configurated by the user in the standard settings of the program and be saved in conformity to Windows into any folder selected by the user.

Interface to LIMS

The module LIMSWASI 1.0 is software which can be run independently to WinWASI 5.0. It can be started directly by LIMS systems in order to calculate data sets handed over to LIMSWASI 1.0 by the LIMS. It runs in the background and exports the calculation results to a preset path.

The number of data sets to be exported to LIMSWASI 1.0 within a single batch is unlimited. All analytical data sets can so be exported as single batch for calculation with LIMSWASI 1.0

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