Mixing of Waters

If the degree of fluctuation s of one or several parameters exceeds the evaluation quantity m, then the waters are of different compositions according to DVGW Worksheet W216 and there can, depending on the bandwidth of the blending relationship, occure problems in the supply network or with the customers.

If this is not the case, then there must be either an equalization by central blending with as small a bandwidth of the blending ratios as possible with under some circumstances simultaneous setting of the pH value of the calcite saturation or the equalization of the individual waters through treatment.

WinWASI 5.0 enables the mixing of as many waters as you wish, either specifying the percentage mixing portion or the quantity of each respective water in m³/h.

The individual waters to be mixed are selected through a pull down menue.

The individual waters selected for blending are checked for the blending water calculation for the same or different composition according to DVGW Worksheet W216. For the relevant parameters, the degree of fluctuation s is calculated as the absolute amount of the difference of [P(max) – P(min)] and compared to the evaluation measure m.

Furthermore WinWASI 5.0 enables you to calculate mixing courses of two waters with specification of the start value, the end value, and the step size for the portion of the individual water.

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